Do Not Track / Anonymization
123Count is 'do not track' compliant

Newer browsers block analytics providers from loading unless they adhere to the 'do not track' policy. In order to comply, we detect wether or not a visitor is requesting not to be tracked. If he is, we do not record or display his full IP number. Instead we anonymize it by removing the last digits. We also do not write any persistent cookies in his browser.

As a result, for these particular users, we do not display the IP number, nor do we show whether the visitor is a first time or return visitor. All other tracking information is provided.

The alternative would be non-compliance, resulting in 123Count being blocked from loading in the visitor's browser and therefore not being able to record any information at all.

The GDPR regulation also might require you to anonymize IPs. If they do, you can turn anonymization on in the Settings Panel. As soon as you do all IPs recorded by 123Count will see their last digits removed.