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  • We record ALL your visitors: Most tools, such as Google Analytics, track traffic only from users who have enabled JavaScript in their browser. 123Count will track all your visitors, whether they use JavaScript or not.

  • It will work on YOUR site: 123Count can be installed on any web site, blog or profile. You do not need to know or understand HTML. Create a free trial and install in 5 minutes or less.

  • Easy to use, easy to understand: we will give you data that is clear, easy to understand and well organized. You can view it, print it, email it, or download it.

  • No more downtime: we will alert you via email and SMS if we detect that your site goes down so that you can take immediate action.

  • Geo-customization: 123Count will detect the geographical origin of your visitors and give you tools to customize your content accordingly.

  • Event tracking: 123Count allows you to track the paths visitors follow inside your web site, including the tracking of events such as downloads, or clicks to outside locations.

  • Personalized support: we will give you quick, personalized support if you require it. We can even help you install if necessary.

  • A reliable supplier: we currently monitor over 10,000 web sites and have been in continuous operation since 1997.


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Your service has been wonderful. Before I found you, I was flying blind. I couldn't have built my business without you. testimonial
Jeff McEachron
I am extremely pleased with 123Count's product and service. You get all the information you need to know in real time, without hassles. The customer service is the best around - friendly, quick, and always ready to help resolve any issue or answer any questions. Thank you for such a superb web statistics service! testimonial
Sarah Palmer
123Count's hit counter is an extremely powerful website tool for anyone who regularly monitors traffic coming to their site. The web statistics supplied to us through their hit counter is invaluable and has become the backbone of our SEO services to our clients. 123Count has given us the best customer service that we have come across on the web, as well as an incredible tool. testimonial
Matt Crouch

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